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Dear Travellers,

I get asked a lot of times, “where is your favourite place”, and my answer is, well, I have more than one. But let me begin with this one…
Also, you have to remember, there are over 200 Countries on this globe, and so far I have only had the pleasure of visiting a handful.  So, in time my answer is bound to change!  But, for now… My topic today, is “What is New Orleans really like”?

And yes, it IS one of my most favourite places (so far). When I think of the deep south, I think of all the various tribes that arrived and made it their home.  I also, cannot help but think about all the wars, and conflicts that took place there as well.  One of the world’s best museums about WW2, is in the heart of New Orleans, along with several other excellent attractions.

When I think about New Orleans, and area, I get a vibe of  ‘earthly  energy. The reason for this is, the history of the enormous plantations, and its impact around the world.  One of the most fascinating attractions is the New Orleans African American Museum. Both heart wrenching and beautiful, it captures the story of the slaves coming into a world of captivity, and at the same time, the pure essence of spirit to survive.

Another big part of the experience is the French Quarter District, with its  non-stop sound of music. This is where the Blue’s were truly created!

Throughout the entire Deep South, be prepared to taste some of the best cuisine in the world. As in places like New York, and other mega centers, the combination of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds , fuse together , to create new and innovative flavours, textures, and aromas.

I also like the climate.  Although muggy at times, the breeze coming off the Mississippi River is magical!

Luckily, I have never gone during the famous Mardi Gras, and for good reason – WAY TOO CROWDED! The four tours and one cruise I have had the pleasure of leading have always been during the shoulder seasons, where the ambient temperature is in the mid 20’s.

Anyways, I could go on and on, but I won’t!  New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville must be ‘experienced’ to be believed.  I hope this short Travel Blog inspires you to dig a little deeper in the intrigue and mystery of the southern history and culture.

Until next time, keep on, keeping on!

Happy Travels,
Brian, your Travel Director with pleasure!