terms and conditions

General Information / Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the following:

Our goal is to create an enjoyable vacation for all our valued guests. Here are a few guidelines to ensure you and your traveling companions have the best experience possible. 


  • Please be on time- all the time. Your Travel Director/Coach Driver will let you know duration and departure times of each stop.
  • Each day of your tour a mandatory seat rotation will be posted. In fairness to all passengers, exceptions cannot be made including for a physical disability and motion sickness.  It is perfectly permissible for two persons, by their own arrangements, to voluntarily exchange seats. We ask that you respect the seat rotation for everyone’s enjoyment.
    Due to Pandemic Protocols, the seat rotation MAY be suspended until such time it is deemed practical to reinstate it.  
  • Avoid conversation while commentary is in processor when instructions are being given.   This ensures everyone can hear what is being said. 
  • Heavy perfume or strong aftershave can inconvenience other passengers; please use sparingly. 
  • To avoid odors and to help keep the motorcoach clean, bring only dry foods and water on board, not perishable foods. Sodas, ice cream, alcohol and hot drinks to-go should be consumed before re-boarding (strong-smelling items, such as peanuts or oranges, can cause allergic reactions in others). 
  • The motorcoach restroom should be reserved for emergencies only. For everyone’s onboard comfort, we encourage you to use the restrooms at our designated stops that are scheduled frequently throughout the travel day. 
  • When reclining seats, please be conscious of the person behind you and recline slowly.
  • When bringing on extra parcels, please place them in the overhead bins or under your seats.
  • Smoking is not permitted at any time onboard the coach.

 SEAT ASSIGNMENT: Seats are assigned for the first day of your tour based on the date your reservation was made (to the best of our ability). Each subsequent travel day a mandatory seat rotation will be carried out.  Due to Pandemic Protocols, this policy MAY be suspended until such time it is deemed practical to reinstate it.   

 JOINING FRIENDS ON TOUR:  If you are traveling with a friend from a different city it may not always be possible to travel on the same coach if there are multiple coaches on that departure.  You may have to meet up at the hotel on the first night and continue together from there.  

 SPECIAL ROOMING REQUESTS:  Special requests including adjacent, lower floor rooms or any other special request must be made at the time of booking. We will try our best to accommodate you, however, requests cannot be guaranteed. All hotel rooms will be requested as “non-smoking” unless otherwise requested at time of booking.  

 INCIDENTAL CHARGES: Incidentals are miscellaneous personal charges on hotel bills and are not included in the tour cost.  Such charges include room service, phone calls, liquor and movies. These charges must be paid by you at the front desk prior to departure. Upon payment, please request and retain a receipt. Sun Fun Tours is not responsible for incidental charges.  

 LOST ITEMS: If you leave anything behind, your Travel Director or Coach Driver will assist you in contacting the proprietor, but it is your responsibility to identify the article and have it sent directly to your home address.  Please do not request that it be sent to Sun Fun Tours or that it be picked up by a following tour. Sun Fun Tours cannot take responsibility for any items lost on tour. 

 LUGGAGE LIMIT:  Each guest is permitted one suitcase and one small, light carry-on bag.  Unless luggage handling has been included with your tour fare, you will be responsible for handling your luggage to and from the motorcoach.  Please ensure the weight of your bag does not exceed 50 lbs; the maximum weight our coach drivers are permitted to handle.  

 LUGGAGE HANDLING & LIABILITY:  Luggage insurance is not included in your fare. Sun Fun Tours nor the motorcoach company can assume responsibility for lost or damaged luggage or its contents. Luggage insurance can be purchased at Sun Fun Tours with Travel Guard or you may have coverage through your household insurance. 

 DEPOSITS:  A deposit is required when booking a tour and is outlined on each tour brochure. If a deposit or balance becomes overdue and we cannot contact you, your reservation will be cancelled.  

 TOUR PRICES AND CHANGES TO FARES:  Fares are quoted in Canadian Funds. Due to the uncertainties of inflation, fuel surcharges and foreign exchange, Sun Fun Tours reserves the right to modify tour fares in the unlikely event of cost changes.  GST, if applicable is extra.  

 SINGLE TRAVELLERS:  Your fare entitles you to one single seat on the motorcoach. Single travelers are subject to a single supplement fare due to the cost of the accommodation not being split amongst a second traveling companion.   

 PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED PASSENGERS: We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to a tour participant for walking, dining, getting on and off motorcoaches and other vehicles, or other personal needs. If you require ongoing assistance, you must be accompanied by a travelling companion who will be fully responsible for your needs while on tour. Sun Fun Tours reserves the right to decline any passenger as a member of our tours at any time for any reason at our sole discretion.   

 BOOKING CHANGE FEE:  Any change to a reservation is subject to a $25 Administration Fee.  This includes but is not limited to departure points, room requests and name changes.  For any payments returned as “nonsufficient funds”, Sun Fun Tours must charge you a $50 NSF fee. 

 TRAVEL INSURANCE:  Insurance is NOT included.  You will be offered this option at time of booking and again at final payment.  The purchase of this insurance is highly recommended to cover your investment from those unforeseen circumstances that may arise before or during your trip.  Our policies are underwritten by AIG Insurance Company of Canada.  Plans include coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption and baggage/personal affects with the option to add on Medical Coverage for out of province/country travel when leaving your home province.  Polices purchased at time of deposit include a waiver of the pre-existing condition clause based on eligibility, adding great value and benefit to the traveler.  A detailed brochure is available.  

 CANCELLATION PENALTIES:  The cancellation penalty schedule and fees differ for each tour.  Specific information as it relates to your tour booking can be found on your booking confirmation, online and on the tour brochure.  The purchase of Cancellation Insurance is highly recommended to avoid forfeiture of funds.  

 COMPANY POLICY REGARDING SMUGGLING: There are several reasons why one may be denied entry into another country or detained at the border.  Improper identification, smuggling goods across the border etc.  If you are denied entry into another country or detained at the border, Sun Fun Tours can not assume any responsibility for missed tour, forfeiture of the tour fare and subsequent transportation back home.  

 PASSPORTS and DOCUMENTATION: For travel outside of Canada, a valid passport is required.  This includes for both land, sea and air crossings.  As of 2021 the Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) Program is being phased out and as cards expire, they will not be renewed.  Therefore, a valid passport will be the only acceptable form of identification.  For Air and Cruise travel, your passport must be valid a minimum of 6 months beyond the completion of travel. Non-Canadians, including Landed Immigrants should contact the nearest local Immigration Department for details on necessary documentation.  

 Passport numbers and expiry dates are required in advance for many tours, and this information will be collected at final payment. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they have valid documentation for all border crossings. Clients without valid documents may be detained by Customs Officers and therefore miss their tour. Sun Fun Tours cannot assume responsibility for portions of a tour missed due to improper documentation. 

 COVID-19:  Sun Fun Tours retains the right to exclude you from travelling if you exhibit any symptons of COVID-19.  A Travel Well Being Declaration and Agreement signed by each traveller is required prior to embarking on the tour.  Please refer to our Travel with Confidence protocols for further information on what we are doing to keep you,  your fellow travellers and our staff safe. Please visit our Travel with Confidence page for more information; https://sunfuntours.ca/travel-with-confidence/

 YOUR TRAVEL DIRECTOR AND/OR COACH DRIVER: Should you have any further questions or concerns during your tour please see or call your Travel Director or Coach Driver.  They are there to assist you in solving your situation or problem. If they don’t know what’s wrong, they can’t help you. 

 GRATUITIES: Tokens of appreciation to the Travel Director and Coach Driver are customary but not obligatory and if desired should be made on a personal and voluntary basis only, not as a group. Due to numerous customer enquiries, here is a general guideline:    

  • Travel Director/ Coach Driver: $3-5 per person per day  
  • Local guides: $2-3 per person for every 3 hours of service. Gratuity is included when Sun Fun Tours hires a local guide. 
  • Meals: 15-20% of the pre-tax bill; Note: For included meals, gratuities have been included. 
  • Housekeeping staff: $2 per person per night local currency. 
  • Luggage handling: $2 per bag. 
  • Transfer driver with luggage handling: $2 -3 per person. 

 RESPONSIBILITY: Neither Sun Fun Tours (1978) Ltd. nor any of its agents or representatives shall be held liable or responsible directly or indirectly for any delay, injury, loss or damage to any person or property, occasioned by the neglect or default of any person or company providing transportation, accommodation or any other service in connection with these tours or damages resulting directly or indirectly from act of God, sickness, strike, quarantine, weather, government restraints, machinery breakdown, or any other cause beyond our control. Sun Fun Tours acts as an agent for its suppliers, including but not limited to companies providing transportation, accommodation, and other services rendered.  The right is reserved to withdraw all or part of any tour should conditions warrant and make such alterations in the itinerary as may be found necessary for the convenience and proper operation of any tour, without penalty.