St. Lawrence River Cruise – Travel Blog

Small ship, big experience

Hello Fellow Travellers,

I did a Canadian River Cruise!  Yes, true, right here in our own backyard, so to speak.  It was ‘ dreamy ‘ to say the very least.

We boarded the MV Canadian Empress in Quebec City. (Also known as the Paris of North America). We chose the 6-night, 7-day cruise. Quebec City to Kingston, Ontario.

There are 4- and 5-night routes as well.  Although the ship can hold up to 60 passengers, we lucked out with a small group of only 32.

The cabins are very small, and the washroom is also pretty tight, but you spend all of your time in the Dining Room , enjoying gourmet meals and snacks, or on one of the outdoor decks, taking in the ever changing scenery.  One nice thing about a River Cruise, is that the ship docks at sunset and you get the opportunity of a stroll along the banks, or thru the village at hand, or just watch the sun go down in total peace and quiet.

Our route, from East to West, took us thru 8 locks, and an elevation change of about 600 feet.

At times, the Saint Lawrence looked more like a lake or an ocean than a river.  It is a massive body of water.

We had on-board entertainment nightly.  The quality and variety of musicians, magicians and story tellers, was really a nice surprise.

There were two settings for meals each day, and at least 2 choices of entree at each seating.

The Captain hosted the first night, with Wine, Beer, Prime Rib dinner, and Liqueur’s under the stars. I have cruised many of the international ocean-going lines, and the food on this little ship ranks right at the top of the charts!

As we sailed up the mighty river, we passed by several famous landmarks.  We also had the option of picking off-shore excursions.  I learned more history in 6 days, than 3 years of high school social studies !

One of the highlights for me, was cruising through The Thousand Islands.  Actually, there are two thousand islands to be exact, but who’s counting!  It was a surreal scene of mansions, cottages, boat houses, float planes, water falls, and landscapes.

Another aspect of the cruise experience was getting to know the other passengers onboard.

Because this tour is rather laid back, it is more attractive to the over 50 crowd.  People that have travelled and been around the world, and have lots of stories to tell.

The St. Lawrence River Cruise Company was celebrating their 40th year in business.  There is a Ship’s Log, and a hard cover book , written and produced to commemorate the story of one man’s dream to build, operate and provide a unique experience on one of the world’s greatest rivers.

The fare for the one week  excursion was not cheap by any means, but, you have to take into consideration that it is all inclusive.  Wine & domestic Beer, all meals, and snacks, and goodies. All off shore attractions, transportation, taxes, tips, etc. All on-board entertainment.

You get what you pay for.  In this case, I would say, we got much more than we paid for.

You cannot take away or compare the pleasure and enjoyment of such a wonderful travel experience.

Until next time, keep on keeping on……lol. Do your best to make the most of your time on this planet.

Explore, enjoy, and most of all, appreciate everything !