loyalty is rewarding

Introducing our bigger, better and instant loyalty program.

passport points, loyalty rewards

You are automatically enrolled. And, if you've travelled with us since June 2021, you've already earned Passport Points! This new program is free and requires no sign up.
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passport points, loyalty rewards

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Each Passport Point is equivalent to $1. You can begin redeeming once you have 25 points.
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Mary and Joe travelled on a 4-day Tulalip tour in May and each earned 10 Passport Points. They also booked Wild Rose Country in September and received 19 Passport Points each.
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> Mary and Joe now have 10 + 19 = 29 Passport Points each. <

passport points, loyalty rewards
passport points, loyalty rewards


Yes. Our Frequent Traveler Program is being phased out however, we want to give you an opportunity to use your accumulated rewards.   You will have until December 31, 2023 to redeem your points at full value at which time the program will be retired fully.  Any unused points will have no value after that date.  
The rewards programs are not interchangeable, and any discounts may not be combined.  
If you have completed 5 trips with Sun Fun and are eligible to redeem on your 6th trip, we will honour this at full value (still within the redemption value guidelines) 
If you haven’t yet reached 5 completed trips, we will honour the points you do have at 50% value.  
Yes. Unlike our previous rewards program, there is no cap on the number of redemptions that can be used per tour.  
No. Each traveller is assigned their own Passport Points account. Points are non-transferable and may only be earned and redeemed by the person travelling. 
Points are non-transferable and may only be earned and redeemed by the person travelling. 
No. Points are non-transferable and may only be earned and redeemed by the person travelling. 
No. Passport Points, though no cash value, are converted to a dollar amount.   If you have paid for a tour in full and cancel after the Cancellation Policy has come into effect, the Passport Points are non refundable. 
IE:  Tour fare: $100.  Redeemed 25 passport points = $25.  Paid remaining balance of $75. All is non-refundable.
Yes. If you booked a tour but had to cancel after it was guaranteed, you will still earn your Passport Points.  
Your reward account will automatically be updated within one week after your trip’s departure.  You don’t need to track anything. We do it all for you. Points are only earned on fulfilled trips.  
Passport Points are awarded on the NET tour fare only.  Tax, insurance, and any other discounts or optional add-ons do not earn points.  
Any of our Sun Fun Team Members can access your account and give you an update at any time on your Points balance.  Just give us a call. 
Yes. Points can be both redeemed and earned on the same tour. This includes our phased out Frequent Traveller Program which you are able to redeem points up until December 31, 2023.  
No. While you are able to earn Passport Points, you may not redeem on a private group tour due to already exclusive pricing.  
While there is no specific limit on how many people can redeem Passport Points per tour, we do reserve the right to limit redemptions. We suggest booking early to ensure redemption availability.

Points have no cash value. Subject to change.