Loyalty Program

Traveling with Sun Fun has its rewards

Each time you travel on a Sun Fun tour, you will be credited points based on the price of the tour, less any applicable discounts. The higher the tour fare, the more points you will earn. Once you have completed 5 trips, you may apply your points towards a discount off a future tour up to the maximum dollar amount allowed on the tour you have chosen.

Think of it as a vacation savings account! With no expiry date, save them for a larger discount off a trip of a lifetime, such as West Coast Treasures, Majestic Canyons of the South or Deadwood & the Black Hills.

Please refer to the chart below for point values and discount levels.

Price of tour
Accumulation (Point value of trip)
Redemption (Upon completion of 5 trips)
1 point = $1
$50 – $100
1 Point
$101 – $500
5 Points
$501 – $1000
10 Points
$1001 – $3000
20 Points
$3001 – $5000
30 Points

*The dollar value shown in the Redemption colum is the maximum amount that can be redeemed on a tour in that price range. A MINIMUM of 5 trips must be reached before a redemption is eligible.

Please Keep Your Frequent Traveller Card in a Safe Place

If this is your first trip with Sun Fun Tours, a Frequent Traveler Card will be included with your ticket and it will be filled out showing your first trip. On subsequent tours, it is not necessary for the Card to be completed by a Sun Fun Representative. Print the tour name and tour date on the Card and once you have completed 5 tours, you are eligible for a redemption on a future tour. Please keep your Frequent Traveler Card in a safe place as it must be turned into a Sun Fun Office when you redeem.

Redeeming Points:

The number of seats available for redemption is limited on each tour. The earlier you book, the better your chance of being able to redeem points for a discount. Please let your Sun Fun Representative know at the time of booking that you would like to use your Frequent Traveler Points for a discount. We will make every effort to accommodate your redemption.


Day tours, group charter tours and “special tours” as defined by Sun Fun Tours are not eligible for the Frequent Traveler Program. In some instances, there will be tours that are available for point accumulation but not redemption.

*Please note points earned prior to January 1st, 2016 may be applied for future credit but the values will remain at the same levels.

Thank you for travelling with Sun Fun Tours! Keep earning those valuable Points.