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Is travel insurance worth it?

You’ve done it! That trip you’ve been dreaming about for years is finally booked. It’s an expensive trip and you’ve placed a large, non-refundable deposit.

You’re now asked if you’d like to purchase travel insurance so, is it worth it?

While the primary reasons for purchasing travel insurance are to protect your economic investment and to cover unexpected additional expenses you might incur due to trip disruptions, purchasing travel insurance has another, more intangible, purpose.

Purchasing travel insurance can provide peace of mind prior to and during your trip as you won’t be worried that an unforeseen event will result in an economic loss. Knowing you have evacuation insurance when you’re traveling to a remote area on safari, for example, could be tremendously reassuring, even if you never use the coverage.

Here are some sample situations where travel insurance may provide coverage:

  • Your sister is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and you must cancel your trip
  • You broke your ankle and will not be able to go on your skiing trip
  • You become ill and cannot travel
  • You or your traveling companion is terminated or involuntarily laid off from your job
  • You are summoned to jury duty or other legal action such as requiring you to appear as a witness

The answer is YES! If your trip is expensive, complicated, or you need medical coverage while traveling, a travel insurance policy is a must.

Travel insurance policy coverages and costs vary dramatically. To ensure you’re receiving good value, determine the coverages that are most important to you, compare policy options, and purchase from a reliable company.

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