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alaska, cruise, ketchikan, skagway, juneau, glacier bay national park, balcony cabin
alaska, cruise, ketchikan, skagway, juneau, glacier bay national park, balcony cabin

alluring alaska

As the world starts opening up and the idea of travel becomes more of a reality rather than a distance dream, the question of “Where to first?” is foremost on the mind. For me, not only am I excited about the places I will visit, but it has taken me back to the places I have been.

As a Travel Director I have witnessed mother nature at her absolute best and when I think of raw, untamed beauty that needs to be seen to be believed, I am always taken back to an Alaska Circle Cruise I did 5 years ago.

Alaska was never on my bucket list and I really can’t tell you why, however, I have now done that tour twice and will definitely do it again. This particular tour took us to Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan; very intriguing, eclectic and historic port towns with their own different and unique vibe. Juneau, being the Capital of Alaska was the most populated, yet compact, so easily walkable. Although touristy, Juneau also holds a lot of history and it’s also fun to know that there are no roads that lead to Juneau. Skagway is famous for the White Pass Railroad, an absolutely gorgeous excursion that takes you to the Summit of White Pass giving you an opportunity to see the original Klondike Trail, Bridal Veil Falls and so many picture-perfect views. Ketchikan, which is the Salmon Capital of the World, was my favorite port on this tour. It is a small town but it is packed with colorful sightseeing opportunities, culture, history and beauty.

The highlight of this tour, without question, was the day we spent in Glacier Bay National Park. A park ranger boards the ship in the morning to provide a narrative of the important aspects of the visit within the park itself, however, the scenery itself speaks volumes and yet, will leave you speechless. Sailing through the heart of the rainforest, the ship stops at the glaciers, giving each side of the ship an opportunity to take in its magnificent wonder. Watching the clear blue ice of the glacier calf and then spill into the ocean with a thunderous roar is something that I will never forget.

Because every part of this tour is filled with scenic beauty, I highly recommend getting either an ocean view cabin or one with a balcony – well worth the extra money on this particular cruise. Of course, the ship itself has a viewing deck for those with inside cabins and, let’s not forget that the ship itself provides many hours of entertainment, activities and dining opportunities – all inclusive.

As you can probably gather, I can’t speak more highly of this tour and, if it is on your bucket list, all I can say is “Make it Happen!” There is a great quote: “The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself” – Wallace Stevens. Go out and explore it!

Happy Travels,