Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it important to book early?
We need your help. Many vendors including hotels, attractions and transportation providers require at least 45 days or more notice prior to arrival to confirm group reservations. Airlines need even more! We need you to book early in order to help guarantee that a tour will depart!For example: If a tour is departing on March 31, we need to have at least 20 people booked by February 13 to guarantee the tour. If we have less than that booked, we have no choice but to cancel the tour, even though it is still 45 days away till departure.

When a client calls to book a tour that was advertised and it’s been cancelled, this is always the reason why.  Please, book early!  It’s true what they say – the early bird gets the worm.

What are the benefits of becoming a group leader?

A group leader is someone who organizes a group of people to participate in a tour. The group leader will receive discounts and incentives that include savings, travelling with friends and less pick up points. Savings in the form of comp or free seats are dependent upon the group size. Please Contact Us for detailed information.

Are there any restrictions on discounts?

Yes, there are rules and restrictions on each discount or coupon. Please follow this link for more information, sunfuntours.ca/rules-restrictions/

Can I choose my own seat on the coach?

Seats are assigned in order of booking with the coach being filled from the front back.  A seat rotation will occur on every travelling day in order to give everyone an opportunity to sit in a different location on the coach.

If I am travelling single will I have a row to myself on the coach?

Unfortunately unless you opt to purchase the seat beside you, it is considered available and can be purchased.  If there are empty seats on the coach at time of departure, every effort will be given to keep the seat beside you free but this cannot be guaranteed.


Are any meals included in the tour fare?

Almost all of our tours include some meals. These are indicated on the tour brochure with a symbol: B = breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

Do you offer discount prices if the tour is not full?

We do not offer discounts in order to fill empty seats on a coach. We believe in a fair price for everyone and do not reward those who book late with a discounted fare.  Our tours are already priced with extreme value in mind.


Is insurance included in the tour fare?

Travel Insurance is an optional purchase and not included in your tour fare.  However the purchase of trip insurance is highly recommended in order to protect your tour investment should you need to cancel due to an unexpected situation prior to departure and to provide you with medical coverage out of country in the event you must seek medical attention.


Are taxes included in the tour fare?

One of the benefits of traveling to the US by motorcoach is there is NO TAX. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.  For any trips where tax is required to be added on this is an additional cost.

What happens if I have to cancel?

Every tour has a cancellation penalty schedule.  Please refer to your tour for specific details on the cancellation penalties.  The purchase of Cancellation Insurance is highly recommended.