activity level

Our New Activity Legend Explained

Each tour will now be accompanied by a level between 1 and 3 to indicate the physical activity level that can be expected. If you have questions about the different levels detailed below, please ask your Sun Fun Representative before booking the tour. It is our goal to provide each guest with the best experience possible.

What are the Activity Levels?

  • EASY – A minimal physical activity level is required to board motorcoach, walk through hotels and climb a few steps.
  • MODERATE – A moderate physical activity level is required for walking tours with stairs and uneven surfaces, periods of standing and evening activities.
  • ACTIVE –  A high physical activity level is required to walk quickly through airports, along beaches, on trails with higher elevations; board a variety of watercraft; etc. This is not recommended for guests who require canes or walkers.

Can the Tour Director or Driver help me if I need special assistance?

Sun Fun cannot provide individual assistance to passengers with any disability requiring special attention. A person requiring assistance must be accompanied by a companion who is capable and wholly responsible for providing this support. It is strongly recommended that persons requiring assistance be accompanied by a companion who is capable and totally responsible for providing the assistance.

I need clarification

Please call or go in to your local Sun Fun Tours office if you have any questions. Click here to visit our Contact Us page.